an overview

my story

I am Chris Norton, I have experienced the essence of adversity. I was knocked down. Hard.In October 2010, a debilitating spinal cord injury left me with a 3 percent chance to regainfeeling below my neck. My football career was over, and the injury threatened to take muchmore than my ability to move. It could have defined me. But I’m not shaped by circumstance.

I stood up. With an unshakeable conviction and defining perseverance, I walked again, andwork tirelessly every day to regain my movement. But my greatest feat of perseverance isn’tthe physical act of standing; it’s my attitude, my determination to shape myself in the faceof adversity.

That strength defines me. The Power to Stand.

Adversity is inevitable for all of us, it’s a part of life. When we let our challenges anddifficult circumstances control us we become paralyzed by our thoughts which can befar worse than being physiclaly paralyzed. Then we don’t strive for our dreams. We becomeselfish, unhappy and ungrateful. We will constantly view things with a pessamistic attitudethat will discourage success…

However, if we choose to view adversity and challenges as opportuniteis for success,personal growth, happiness and change, then we can get past any adversity we face.We have the ability within ourselves to turn any negative into a positive.

We all possess the behaviors to success…So use them!


“I CAN do this.” Believe in yourself and know that you can get through anything thatlife throws at you. If you believe you can then it will happen… If you believe youcan’t then it won’t happen. So always tell yourself “I CAN do this.”


Do not sell yourself short. Dream big. Strive for more than what you think is possiblebecause you will then work harder than what you think is possible. Obsess about yourgoal and stay hungry to achieve it. You can be proud and happy with yourself bygiving it your all to try to reach your dream.


Get better today, don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking too far into the future.You can’t resolve and achieve everything in one day. Instead focus on getting a littlebetter one day at a time. Daily growth will lead you to prosperity and success.Complete a task this 24 hours that will benefit the next 24 hours. Ask yourself everymorning, “How can I get better today?” And go to sleep every night thinking “I did everything I could to get better today.”


Your success and happiness are not dictated by other people or your circumstances, it isdictated by your responses to those people and to your circumstances. You will always havecontrol over your attitude and effort. Therefore, you will always have the ability to respondto the people who tell you that you can’t or the circumstance that tries to limit your ability. “Life is about your responses, not your circumstances.”


Unfortunate and frustrating events occur every day, but no matter how bad things may seem,there is always someone else out there who is going through much worse.Always think about 3 things in your life that you can be thankful for. Stay grounded and begrateful for what you do have. Think to yourself, “it could always be worse.”


Do something nice for someone else and be good to others. What goes aroundcomes around. When you treat people with respect and go out of your way to help others,people take notice. It’s a great feeling to help someone else who really needs it. But don’t doit for yourself or attention. Do it because it’s the right thing to do. Think “how could I give?”


Have the mindset that you will not be stopped and that you will never quit. A Navy SEAL said, “When your brain tells you you’re done, you’re really only 40% done.” You have more in you than you think. Your difficulty and suffering will last forever if you give up. Never give up when times are tough and know that it is the journey to success that will strengthen you the most. Back down to nothing and refuse to lose.