There are days when we have no energy and feel like doing nothing. Sometimes it seems like everything in our life is just too overwhelming… It can be really easy to lose focus. Then there are days when we are in the zone, we are getting so much done and making so much progress. So how do we spend less time out of the zone and more in the zone?

I will never forget the first time I saw my legs after my injury. My dream was to walk. I was feeling good about it. I had some really good physical therapy sessions. I was able to nod my head “yes” and “no” with more freedom and less pain. I was able to move my left shoulder more and more. My sensation level moved down from my neck to my chest.

Then it was time to get bathed. My legs had been covered up by blankets for 2 days to keep me warm and I saw them for the first time when my nurse went to scrub them. Tears flooded my eyes as I saw how lifeless my legs were. They moved and scrubbed my legs but I felt nothing. I had used and trained my legs my entire life and then… it was all gone.

My dream of walking had burst into flames at this sight. How could I walk again? I can’t feel or move my legs. I have so far to go. I was full of doubt. It was at this point when I discovered the importance of focusing on one thing, one day at a time.

When I kept my sole focus on the act of walking I felt like quitting. When I focused on being in the moment and getting better at the task at hand I felt empowered. I learned to celebrate the small milestones of progress and not be overwhelmed by the long marathon I had before me. This kept me working hard and kept me positive.

…celebrate the small milestones of progress and not be overwhelmed by the long marathon ahead of me. This kept me working hard and kept me positive.

I had my therapists write out workouts that I could do on my own. I posted the workouts on my wall to remind myself what I could be doing today to get better. When you make an inch of progress a day, over a long period of time those inches will add up to miles.

Don’t let your goal overwhelm you by how long or how far you have to go to achieve it. When you overwhelm yourself it is easy to become discouraged and unproductive. Shift your focus to getting better today, not tomorrow, not this week, month or year, but right now. Then you will become more productive and positive.

TAKE ACTION: Write down actionable steps that you can do every day that you can do that will bring you closer to achieving your goal. Completing a task this 24 hours that will benefit your next 24 hours. Go to bed every night knowing you did something you could to make progress on your goal.

Figure out what is the most important thing you need to get done right now. We have so many things we need to do so make sure to complete the most important task first. Focus on completing one task at a time and don’t allow the different things you need to accomplish overwhelm you.

TAKE ACTION: Make a to-do list staring with the most important tasks first. Set time restraints for your tasks. This will help you keep your focus as you go about your day.

We have now addressed Believe, Dream, and Focus…Behavior #4 is RESPOND which we will learn more about that and how I took on “Doctor Phantom” next week.