My dream when I was first injured was to walk out of the hospital. That was at a point when I could not feel or move anything below my neck… I didn’t care how much work or time it would take me to get there. I was determined.

I told my medical staff, family and friends about this dream. I did this for 2 purposes. First, I wanted to hold myself accountable for doing everything I could to achieve my dream. Second, I wanted everyone to know what I set out to accomplish so that they could best support me to achieve it.

This dream made the standard of care and focus much greater than what it would have been if I just wanted to move on and go home. With my dream in mind, I worked tirelessly every day. I was able to regain some strength throughout my entire body, which was more than what my doctors thought but not where I wanted to be.

I had hoped I would walk out of the hospital independently when I was discharged, but I still needed the support of other people to walk. I came up short to my dream. Did I fail? You can decide. But I know this… I worked harder than what I ever thought was possible. I would train nonstop. If I wasn’t sleeping, then I was training.

I worked harder than what I ever thought was possible. …I knew in my heart I gave it my all.

I was not sad about coming up short to my dream because I was happy with the fact that I knew in my heart I gave it my all. I then set out to accomplish another dream… To walk across the stage of my college graduation. Like I did with my first dream, I made it BIG, I shared it publicly, and worked tirelessly to achieve it.

Did I come up short again? Watch for yourself.

Set your goal BIG. When you set your goals small then you won’t work as hard as you could. Yeah you might accomplish it but did you really push yourself like you could have? When you strive for more than what you think is possible you will then work harder than what you think is possible. To make true progress you need to be out of your comfort zone.

TAKE ACTION: Set a goal that makes you feel uncomfortable to the point where you initially question whether it’s too big of a goal.

Share your dream openly. Don’t just keep it to yourself. Create accountability for yourself and others by sharing what you want to accomplish. So many people are scared to fail so they won’t share what they want to achieve or worse they won’t even try to achieve it. However, if you want to reach your highest potential and have success you must not be afraid.

TAKE ACTION: Share your goal with 5 individuals. Think of close family or friends.
Work tirelessly to accomplish your dream and don’t be afraid to come up short. It takes a lot of time and work to accomplish a dream, it wouldn’t be a dream if it was easy. It can be scary setting out to accomplish something so big. However, know that if you come up short it’s okay if you did everything you could to make it happen. Reflect on what you have learned from the experience and readjust to accomplish another dream.

Now that you BELIEVE and have a DREAM… It will take Behavior #3 FOCUS to execute it which we will learn more about next week.